onsdag 3. januar 2007

Bull Terrier robs gas station

Dette er faktisk en sann historie, så morsom at Aftenposten har tatt seg bryderiet med å skrive artikkelen på engelsk.

Historien handler om Bullterrieren Conan (7) som endte opp bak lås og slå etter et godteriraid på en nattåpen Statoil stasjon i Trondheim. Les hele den morsomme historien her:

A hungry bull terrier with a sweet tooth left his home to make a night raid on a gas station. The Statoil outlet's security cameras recorded the dog's stealthy hunt for his favorite type of chocolate, and a security guard busted the pooch without incident, newspaper Adressavisen reports.

Terrier Conan, aged 7, ended up behind bars and according to his owner the dog is a repeat offender.
"He is incredibly fond of food in general and sweets in particular. He has run off a few times before, and he always heads for food stores," owner Liss-Hege Jeremiassen told Adresseavisen.
Conan sneaked out the door Wednesday night and headed straight for only place open, a nearby Statoil station. The cameras picked him up sniffing around the candy shelves, poking his nose into the containers of sweets sold by loose weight, and snubbing all of these treats in search of his personal favorite, chocolate covered rice crisp. Here he stopped and devoured the contents of the container.
"When he was finished he let out this enormous burp," said Elisabeth Roel, who had the night shift at the station.
She tried to chase Conan out but the dog growled at this attempt to interrupt his chocolate raid. Roel then called the police, who turned the job over to Falken security.
"He's really a nice dog, but he doesn't have looks on his side. He spent the night next to a pit bull, but that went well. He's calm and friendly," said security guard Otto Olsen, who apprehended the hound.
Roel said she wouldn't have been worried if she had recognized Conan, but since he had escaped without his collar, she wasn't sure and wasn't about to take chances.

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